Comp.Act (Compensation Act Project)

The project is funded by the European Commission and King Baudouin Foundation. The aim of the project is to establish and consolidate the Act for Compensation (COMP▪ACT Europe) of Trafficked Persons in Europe. It also aims at ensuring that the issue of access to justice is gaining momentum, that it is visible across Europe and in the participating countries and will set up an infrastructure for analysing the current possibilities for compensation, all working towards the overall goal of creating comparable standards in access to justice for trafficked persons across Europe.

The project will set up a coalition of key stakeholders who will work jointly to raise awareness on the issue of compensation, conduct research, increase the capacity of organisations to assist trafficked persons to claim and receive compensation, and facilitate training. The activities will be carried out both at the European level and at the national level in 14 EU countries (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, The Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Ukraine and Spain). European activities will focus on improving the standards of access to justice for trafficked persons, especially compensation, and advocate for mainstreaming of the issue into policies and action plans of the European bodies as well as in the respective countries.