ACTIVATE – EnhAnCing the anti-Trafficking Identification, preVention and supporT mEchanisms

activateIn October 2020 Animus Association Foundation started working on the “ACTIVATE – EnhAnCing the anti-Trafficking Identification, preVention and supporT mEchanisms” project funded by the AMIF programme of the European Commission. The project’s duration is 24 months. KMOP (Greece) is the leading organization, while Animus Association Foundation, Differenza Donna Associazione Di Donne Contro La Violenza Alle Donneonlus (Italy) and SOLWODI (Germany) are project partners.

Contributing to the eradication of trafficking, the ACTIVATE project aims to step up actions on the prevention, identification and support mechanisms against trafficking in human beings (THB), with a special focus on Victims of Trafficking (VoT) for sexual exploitation.

Project activities include:

– Capacity Building to enhance identification and support of VoTs
– Creation of training manuals for training staff working in Reception Centres and lawyers
– Trainings of professionals in Reception Centres and lawyers
– Strengthening of the National Referral Mechanisms and improving the cooperation between public authorities and key stakeholders
– Transnational exchange of knowledge/expertise and good practices
– Improving support mechanisms to deal with multifaceted cases of trafficking
– Raising Awareness and Dissemination

Expected results:

• 120-140 professionals working in the Reception Centres trained to better prevent and identify VoT
• 70-140 lawyers trained to better address VoT’s legal issues and needs
• 1 e-learning tool in 4 languages for future webinars/seminars on staff members of the RICs and lawyers
• 4 digital toolkits including libraries/maps, referral mechanisms and guidelines, relevant reports, tools, etc.
• 4 National Referral Mechanisms will be created or strengthened
• 4 national awareness raising campaigns will be launched


Untitled1The project is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union and will run for 2 years (January 2019 – December 2020).
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