Call for Evaluation of Prevention Campaign against Trafficking in Human Beings for the Purposes of Labour Exploitation 2017

In regard to implementation of the bilateral project „Bulgarian-Swiss Joint Efforts for Providing Immediate and Unconditional Protection of Trafficked Persons and Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings” funded by the Swiss Agency on Cooperation and Development, Animus Association Foundation is inviting you to present your proposals of prevention campaign targeting labour exploitation and the risks of being involved in trafficking in human beings.

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  • To evaluate the impact of the implemented communication activities and their contribution to achieving the goals of the 3rd consecutive prevention campaign;
  • Target of the campaign – % of the target group representatives that have seen the campaign, the slogan, video and the visuals/information materials;
  • Effectiveness of the communication channels – outreach to the target groups;
  • Analyses of target group reaction to  the campaign;
  • Analyses what the target group remembers of the campaign after 4-5 months after the ending of the 3rd consecutive campaign.
  • Is there a change of attitudes regarding the risks of fake job offers and labour exploitation?

Target group and Timeframe

The campaign targets people age 18 to 65, who are planning to look or are looking for job abroad, mainly in low-skilled sectors such as agriculture, construction, housework, industry, services, tourism sector, etc. Specific target of the campaign are unemployed and low-educated people who do not speak foreign languages and/or do low-skilled job, including people who do not know their rights or how to access institutional support. Unemployed young people looking for opportunities abroad or travelling with students’ exchange programs are also part of the target group.

Timeframe of the campaign is July 1 to August 30 2017.

SLOGAN of the campaign: If you are looking for job abroad, look out for monkey business!


Campaign images


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Evaluation Methodology

  • Understanding and impact of the campaign slogan and visuals in general.
  • Representative quantitative study;
  • Quantitative study of the locations where visuals/information materials will be distributed;
  • Penetration of the Prevention Campaign 2017;
  • Understanding the Campaign Message;
  • Perception of Visual Aspect of the Ad;
  • Recognizing Animus Association Foundation and the Helpline for Victims of Violence;
  • Attitudes towards Work Abroad;
  • Conclusions and Recommendations.



  • The budget of this evaluation is 8 600 BGN.


Special Requirements

  • The evaluation should cover information about the reach/use of Animus Association Foundation Hotline 0800 186 76.
  • All materials should contain information about the funding organization.
  • All materials should contain the logos of Animus Association Foundation and the logo of the funding organization – the Swiss Agency on Cooperation and Development .



  • The deadline for the submission of campaign evaluation offers, implementation schedule and preliminary budget is not later than 11.08.2017


Contact Person

Please, address your proposals to:

Nadia Kozhouharova (Project Coordinator) –
Antoaneta Vassileva –

02 983 52 05
02 983 53 05