RISE – Reinforce Inner Strenght Effectively to Combat Bullying

LOGO-RISEThe RISE project main aim is to reduce the phenomenon of bullying in boarding schools by developing an innovative intervention program responding to the needs of the young generation and concentrating on building the inner-strength of teenagers, so it aims at:

– promoting an environment of trust and mutual respect, in which members feel safe and comfortable expressing thoughts and feelings;

– developing coping skills to counter the emotional toll that bullying takes on an individual,

– cultivating social supports and a sense of a peer community.

RISE project will reduce the episodes of bullying in boarding schools by increasing the inner strength of teenagers, developing their self-esteem, coping skills and self-efficacy, using an innovative programme based on outdoor training and mindfulness techniques.

The RISE intervention program, according to research surveys and studies, will ensure that teenagers will:

– learn confidence and how to gain more self-esteem;

– be more accepting of others’ views and differences;

– cooperate better with others;

– have a decreased aggressive behaviour.

Boarding school staff will be trained and equipped with tools to support teenagers and deal with episode of bullying.

The applicant of the project is Civiform (Italy). The project partners are Animus (Bulgaria), VTI Brugge Boarding School (Belgium); IFRTS (France); CJD Berufsbildungswerk (Germany); ISRE  (Italy)