Together – to Ensure Justice for Vulnerable Groups of People

eea_1A partnership of two non-governmental organizations, active in the area of human rights and the protection of vulnerable groups and victims of violence, implement the project collectively in Bulgaria. The project aims at encouraging democratic values and protecting human rights. The project mainly targets victims of domestic violence and elderly people. Youths are targeted as a secondary group.   Key programs of the project are: providing legal support and psychological counseling to victims of domestic violence, as well as training of social workers, human-rights experts and university students.

Animus Association Foundation contributes to the implementation of the project with training venues and professional expertise on the topics of domestic violence and the support of the victims. The organization also contributes to the raising of awareness among target groups, particularly on the protection of the rights of victims of domestic violence. In the long term, the project will support the exchange of experience and will expand the cooperation in support of the victims.

In 2015 Animus Association Foundation took part in an exchange seminar that brought together magistrates, public prosecutors, policemen, lawyers, social workers, psychologists and representatives of non-governmental organizations, in the region of Plovdiv. Forty-six experts took part in the seminar. Another 15 experts participated in a project coordination meeting held in May.

In July the trainers of Animus Association Foundation conducted a training for social workers from services from the region of Plovdiv. The training built the expertise of the participants on the topic of ensuring effective application of the law relevant to the protection of the rights of victims of domestic violence. Eighteen professionals from social services providing direct support to victims of domestic violence took part in the training.

The project team held three press conferences to ensure the visualization and publicity of the project. The second press conference presenting the implementation and progress of the project took place in April 2015.