„TransnatiOnaL network for Employment integRAtion of womeN vicTims of trafficking”

tolerantAnimus Association Foundation is partnering in the international project „TransnatiOnaL network for Employment integRAtion of womeN vicTims of trafficking”, TOLERANT, together with KMOP (Greece), AIDRom (Romania), CESIE (Italy), Differenza Donna (Italy) and LEFÖ (Austria).

The general objective of the project is to enhance the integration of third country national women victims of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in the labour market through employment support. Human trafficking remains a major problem in the EU, and in light of the recent migratory, economic and security challenges, the phenomenon continues to evolve (with current trends in sexual and labour exploitation expected to increase), requiring stronger and coordinated action at both national and EU levels, and externally.

Accordingly, through TOLERANT project, a transnational cooperation network promoting employment integration of women victims of trafficking (for sexual exploitation) will be established. Its aim will be to exchange good practices, experiences and information related to ground work for integrating women victims of trafficking in employment and promoting their economic empowerment and independence, and to develop common approaches and methodologies to address the needs of victims. Likewise, the network will carry out the provision of integrated and gender-specific services to women VoT to promote their access to employment and integration in the labour market and society. Raising awareness of employers, recruiters and policy makers and/or other relevant stakeholders on the importance of facilitating access to the labour market for VoT, will be other of the main goals of the project.

The focus of the action will be on Austria, Greece, Italy, Bulgaria and Romania; the first three as destination and transit countries, and the latter two as main countries of origin and, to a lesser extent, of transit and destination. All EU countries however can benefit from the action either by participating in the network, by receiving or exchanging information and experiences.


Untitled1The project is funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) of the European Union and will run for 2 years (January 2019 – December 2020).

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