A main goal of “Animus Association” Foundation is to work towards changing social attitudes in relation to violence and its victims. Since its foundation the organization has dedicated its efforts to working with the community, the media, and institutions to promote non-victimizing attitudes towards victims, and the active assistance of specialists from different services and organizations.

“Animus Association” Foundation is recognized as one of the most popular organizations with expertise on the problems of victims of violence and psychological trauma. This creates a favorable climate for active discussions on the problem of violence against women, adolescents, and children in the public arena, and among people working in various institutions.

Lobbying, prevention, and networking activities are carried out on three levels – national, regional (bilateral), and international. Our practical and research experience has shown an interrelation among different forms of violence. To reflect this fact, the Animus Association’s policy is to direct lobbying against all forms of violence. The regional and country situation makes necessary certain priorities. The most pressing problem at the moment is trafficking in women, which has increased tremendously due to the wars in the Balkans. That is why special attention is paid to this outrageous form of violence. Lobbying, prevention, and networking activities against trafficking in women on national, regional, and international levels are carried out within the La Strada Programme.

Other high-priority issues necessitating lobbying on a national level are:

* Democratic changes in the social and health-care system resulting in transition from centralized institutional functioning to community-based programmes.

* Recognition of the specific needs of adolescent, women, and children victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and trafficking in order to include their problems in the agenda of governmental social policy.

* Engaging various institutions in addressing the problems of victims of violence and including them in the agenda of social and health-care reform.