Programs & Services

1. “St.Petka Crisis Center for Survivors of Violence” financed by the Bulgarian state budget via Sofia Municipality, under the mechanism of state-delegated activities (01.03.2012  – 31.12.2014 );

2. “National Helpline for Children 116 111”, funded by Bulgarian state budget under  public procurement procedures, opened by the Bulgarian State Agency for Child Protection, (May 2013-May 2015);

3. “Social Services Center for Children and Families”, consisting of a Community Support Center and a Mother&Baby Unit, funded by the Bulgarian state budget via Sofia Municipality, under the mechanism of state-delegated activities (01.12.2011- 01.12.2014);

4. „Trauma Center for Children and Families“ funded by Bulgarian – Swiss Cooperation Programmed – Thematic Fund “Reform Fund” (1 September 2013  – 31-st August 2016 );

5. “Strengthening Children’s Voices in EU Society through Child Helplines”, funded by the Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Program of the European Union (01.12.2012 – 30.11.2014 );

6. “Empowering Care. Empowering Girls in Residential Care against Violence against Woman“, financed by Daphne III Program of the EU (01.01.2013  – 31.12.2014);

7. „Development of a National Referral Mechanism and Standards for Identification, Protection and Support of Women Victims of Domestic Violence“, funded by the OAK Foundation (01.01. 2011  – 31.12.2013, with continuation till 30 April 2014)

8. Building the capacity of Animus Association Foundation for ensuring sustainability in the implementation of the program “Zippy’s Friends” in popular schools BG05/725

9. „Comprehensive Care Program for Survivors of Violence in Bulgaria“, funded by Medicor Foundation, Liechtenstein (June 2013  –  May 2015);

10. „MenCare Campaign in Bulgaria“, funded by OAK Foundation, Animus Association Foundation is partner in the project (December 2013 – November 2016);

11. “Reducing youth at risk numbers: modeling early childhood intervention approaches” funded by the NGO Suport Program of the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014, with implementing organization Providus Latvia, Animus Association Foundation is partner in the project;  (01.11.2013  – 31.10.2015);

12. „Safe Return for Victims of Trafficking and Domestic Violence without or with Uncertain Residence Permit“ funded by ISEC Program of the EU (26.11.2012 – 30.06.2014 );

13.  “Promotion of the Rights of Trafficked Persons in Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia with Emphasis on Legal Support – A Human Rights-Based Approach”, funded by ISEC Program of  the EU (January 2013  – December 2015);

14. NGOs&Co – NGO-Business engagement in addressing human trafficking ( May 2013  – April 2015);

15. Increasing the effectiveness of referral, support, protection and reintegration of victims of THB, through the practical application of the Transnational mechanism