Toy Library

In the beginning of May the first Toy Library in Sofia opened in the Complex of Social Services for Children and Families of Animus Association Foundation. The Toy Library provides children ages 0-4 with the opportunity to play with educational toys supporting child development in the 5 developmental domains – cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, socio-emotional, communication. The library is located at 2 Lada Street and is open on schedule for children using the center’s services.

The WWO Toy Library is a resource for children to access developmental toys and for their caregivers to be trained in how to use these toys as equipment to work towards developmental goals. WWO currently works in 19 partner organizations and one private center working in the community with children with special needs under Toy Library project. Toy Libraries give caregivers the opportunity to support child development through play.

The WWO Toy Library Program includes:
• training of caregivers, teachers, pedagogues, directors, doctors, nurses and psychologists by a senior group of WWO consultants;
• selection of carefully selected developmental toys;
• organization of the library;
• production of a developmental manual and toy cards with cognition, fine motor, gross motor, social/emotional, and communication targets, as well as with suggested activities.