Animus Association Foundation conducted a national campaign for the prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation

For a third consecutive year Animus Association Foundation” is conducting a national campaign for the prevention of trafficking in human beings for labour exploitation of Bulgarians abroad. The initiative is under the umbrella of the “Bulgarian – Swiss Joint Efforts for Providing Immediate and Unconditional Protection of Trafficked Persons and Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings” project, financed by the Swiss-Bulgarian […]

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Early identification and prevention of bullying in school

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INTRODUCING PARTICIPATORY AND CHILD-CENTERED APPROACH FOR EARLY IDENTIFICATION AND PREVENTION OF BULLYING IN SCHOOL SETTING IN 7 EU COUNTRIES – JUST/2013/DAP/AG/5372 In December, 2014, Animus Association Foundation started the implementation of a two-year long project, Introducing Participatory and Child-Centered Approach for Early Identification and Prevention of Bullying in School Setting in 7 EU Countries, in partnership with 6 NGOs from […]

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Animus Association Foundation welcomes and encourages responsible and committed individuals, willing to offer a part of their time to be volunteers in our programs. Our most dynamic programs, which give variety of opportunities for volunteer work, are the “Saint Petka” Crisis unit, the Hotline for survivors of violence, and the Social services centre for children and families. We offer different […]

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Paternity that is engaged and responsive to the needs of the child makes life better not only for children and women, but for men themselves In September 2014, a coalition of 10 NGOs started a campaign To Be a Father. The goal of the coalition is to focus public attention on the importance of the father’s role in full development […]

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